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The Art Of Good Sex Chatting

Sex chatting online has become increasingly popular over the years. It’s a safe way to enjoy the company of others without worrying about pregnancy or STDs. It also allows people to explore fantasies that may not be easy or legal to play out in real life. Sex chatting does require a certain degree of creativity since there is limited physical intimacy. Here’s a quick guide to help you enhance your next cyber experience.

Start Slowly

Just as foreplay is important for real life encounters, it should also be taken in to account for online meetings. You can’t just jump in to the festivities without first warming up. Spend a few minutes telling your cyberpartner about you, what you are wearing in the fantasy, what your dimensions are, etc. But don’t just come right out with it like a list. Word it creatively. You can describe your clothing and your body at the same time. Are you wearing a corset that is hugging your curves? Are your stockings clinging to your shapely legs? Tell them.

Creative Words

Yes, your anatomy is what it is. But using technical terms is not sexy, and will get old fast. You can find websites where people have listed creative (and sexy!) terms for your anatomy. The more terms you can come up with, the sexier the chat will be.

Be A Voyeur

Another great way to learn how to be a great sexter is to use chat rooms designed for adults. Many times you can just watch the interactions of others. This way you can pick up terms, what works, and most importantly, what gets you hot.